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> 產品介紹 > JP8020系列晶片

JP8020 是集成了離線AC / DC控制器,具有集成的高壓GaN晶體管,可實現高性能操作。


JP8020使用基於光隔離器的反饋來針對傳統反激式架構。 它可以使用傳統的系統架構,在高達500 kHz的頻率下工作,以改善變壓器尺寸和功率密度。

JP8020實現了啟動控制器和脈衝隔離接口,以實現外部原邊或副邊控制。 使用次級側控制器可以改善瞬態響應並管理負載接口。


JP8020 Features

  • Integrated 290 mΩ  or 125mΩ GaN transistor
  • Integrated startup regulator    
  • Operation up to 500 kHz
  • Brown-in/out
  • OVP for secondary side
  • Valley-switched operation for high efficiency
  • Minimal BOM count and cost
  • Low standby power
  • 5mm x 6mm QFN package


JP8020 Applications

  • USB type-C power adapters
  • Cell-phone and tablet chargers
  • Laptop adapters
  • Consumer electronics



  GaN HEMT Combo IC
GaN HEMT Controller
(Leading shipment in the market)
Power Density  17.0W/in^3 13.1W/in^3
Efficiency 92% @110Vac, 100% Load 92%@110Vac, 100% load
Package  QFN6x6 SOIC-8
Mode QR/Current QR/Current
Combo SiP Yes (Controller+HEMT+Startup FET) No (Only Controller)
Programmable Protection OVP, OLP, Brown-in, Brown-out, OTP, SCP OVP, OLP, Brown-in, Brown-out, OTP, SCP
Switch Freq.  400kHz~625kHz 440kHz~560kHz
Rising/Falling time  5ns/5ns 20ns/5ns
Peak current accuracy 5% N/A
System Output accuracy 2% N/A


JP8020 簡化電路圖